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The sock I’m designing for the sock contest has been slow going. I had quite a few false starts, changed some design elements along the way, and was distracted by some shiny new projects for a bit, but I think I’m at a point where I can make quick progress on the rest of this sock. Well, that’s my goal anyway.

And I can’t believe it’s already almost May. I had intended to be finished with the Sabbatical Sweater by now. Nope, not a chance!


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Sock update: The deadline for the sock contest I am entering has been pushed back 1 month and 2 days! Whew, that’s a load off. I was totally expecting a weekend of frenzied knitting and calculating. I’m almost done with the leg of the stranded teal/orange sock. So far I’m pretty satisfied with how it’s turning out. I was, however, a little naive about how non-elastic stranded knitting is, so the sock is a bit smaller in circumference than I anticipated. But I plan to offer the sock in a larger size as well.

Accordion update: This morning I learned how to play a simple blues riff on my accordion from a “Professor Louie” DVD. So far it’s a nice instructional DVD. I stopped it after an hour because my hand was getting tired and I still want to knit today! So I’ve noticed my accordion makes a strange noise which may or may not be normal, so all you accordionists out there, I need some advice. After I play the bass buttons, I hear a sort of reverberating “booooiiiiinnnnng” noise. It does vary depending on how staccato I play the note, but it’s there nonetheless. Is this something I need to be concerned about? BTW, my accordion is a Hohner Bravo piano accordion, 48 bass, and it was new when I got it a few years ago. I shamefully admit that I don’t play it very often, but I hope that all changes with my new goal… learn how to play Def Leppard songs. I’ve started learning “Hysteria” which is currently passable at best. I just need more practice, mainly scales and etudes first. Being a flute player since the 4th grade, I know how tedious and boring those can be…

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So. I’m thinking about entering this sock contest. The only catch… I have just a few weeks to get my design in order. A friend and I went to Natural Stitches and I bought some of my favorite sock yarn ever, Pagewood Farms “Denali” which is 80% merino superwash, 20% nylon. This yarn is 450 yards of dreamy. It’s springy, squishy and really really soft, and hey, I just realized the colorways match my blog banner.

I plan to do colorwork socks with the orange spice and teal. Not orange spice and navy. I mean, rah rah and go Illini and all that, but ummm, no. I plan to use the navy for some socks for DH.

So. For my birthday last year Lisa and Beth gave me some lovely Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock yarn in the colorway “Parry Hotter”. Come on, we all know it’s really Harry Potter, no foolin’ me. Anyway, the trick is to find a pattern that compliments the gold and maroon stripes in this yarn. So I played around a bit and decided the best thing was not to do any pattern. Just plain stockinette stitch in the round. This is a good project to bring to my Wednesday night knitting group.

Look, I haz a toe!

Should I practice my accordion today or knit?

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