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And my March socks are done!

Pattern: my own design I named after the song Síguelo by Wisin & Yandel. Because why not.
Yarn: Pagewood Farm Denali hand dyed sock yarn in the vibrant colorway orange spice
Needles: US 1 – 2.25 mm (the regular size 1 needles)

So here’s the deal. I like the stitch pattern. It’s fine. I just don’t think I’m cut out for bright orange socks. Three pairs down, nine more pairs to go…

I started my light green April socks today and I’m not naming them after a reggaeton song this time. Yes, shocking, I know! I’m calling these socks Bunny Manders after the sidekick in the Raffles stories by E. W. Hornung. Raffles is a gentleman thief in London during the 1890s and Bunny Manders is his naive companion. Great reading, even better TV series. Go watch it. I’ll wait. I’ve got some knitting to keep me busy.


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My everlasting knitting work
Is lying by my side,
And though it is a homely thing
I gaze on it with pride;
For while my fingers o’er it played,
My thoughts have journeyed wide.
~Anon, between 1850-1870

I quite like the first stanza of the poem My Everlasting Knitting Work. There isn’t much information available about this poem other than it was published around the 1850s as a broadside.

Now may I present to you my homely knitting-in-progress, the Síguelo socks. If you haven’t noticed, they are bright orange. I could wear them to go hunting1. Or to do road construction2 on I-80.

I’m past the gusset decreases on both socks. Perhaps the next time we meet they will be finished?

1 I don’t hunt.
2 I don’t do road construction, either.

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The Síguelo socks are slowly coming along… though I fully admit that I’m not besotted with them. I’m now at the heel on both socks but I just can’t decide what type of heel to do. I did start a regular old heel flap on sock #1 which looks, meh, just so-so. I may try a short row heel on sock #2 to see which I like better. Any suggestions?

During my weekend away at Autumn House Farm I cast on for the Shawl Cardigan by Simona Merchant-Dest. I’m using the Bugga! yarn I got for Xmas. I was knitting very tightly to achieve gauge and consequently ended up with a fabric that could stand up on its own (not to mention sore hands from the death grip I had on my needles). Fortunately I had knit only 5″ so it wasn’t overly traumatic to rip back to the ribbing and start over. I’m pleased with the drape of the fabric now.

Yesterday I received a package. It contained some lovely Foot Notes yarn in the colorway Meadow by Fiber Optic. I really love this yarn. It’s super soft and knits up like a dream. I think this yarn will make some sweet April socks.

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I started my orange March socks this week. Because someone made up such silly rules for this sock club, I’m stuck using an eye-searing orange yarn. But the stitch pattern is pretty cool and fun to knit so it’s a trade off.

I named these socks after the song Síguelo by Wisin & Yandel. The classy- I got loads of it.

Last weekend my Wednesday night knitting group and I went to Autumn House Farm for a weekend knitting getaway. The farm is a fully functioning woolen mill with a guest house and a yarn store on the premises. I bought some lovely skeins of merino cashmere blend yarn from the bargain basket. I don’t know much about this yarn other than it appears to be worsted weight, 105 yards per skein, and is extremely soft. I was drawn to the lovely rich colors. And my entire 8 skein purchase only cost me $12.25. Trufax.

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