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My final project for Nerd Wars is a knitted Maurice Moss from the show IT Crowd. Why, you ask? To which I answer, why the flip not?


JEN: What is it?
internetJEN: What?
MOSS: That’s right.
JEN: This is the Internet? [Moss nods.] The whole Internet?
MOSS: Yep. I asked for a loan of it, so that you could use it in your speech.


kick-assPRIME: First rule of Street Countdown… Is that you really must try and tell as many people as possible about it. It’s a rather fun game and the more people you tell about it the better.


MOSS: Um, it actually already is a word. ‘Tnetennba’.
GYLES: Good heavens, really? Could you, uh, use it in a sentence for us?


MOSS: I want to go back to being weird.


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yarn explosion

Yesterday the plan was to spend the morning sitting in my Poäng chair, sipping coffee and leisurely swatching some new design ideas I have swimming around in my head. I went into the den to pick various yarns to use for my swatches, when… I found some unwelcome visitors in my stash. I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. It’s happened in the past and it will definitely happen again in the future, so why not just roll with it?

Anyway, I proceeded to pull out all the drawers of stash yarn in the den (I haven’t checked the stash in the other rooms yet) to check it for little pests. This is what happened to the room. It looks like a yarn bomb went off.

Fortunately, there were only a few questionable skeins. Those went straight into the freezer. I also found numerous swatches which were still attached to balls of yarn. At this point, these swatches serve no purpose whatsoever because I didn’t bother attaching a note to the swatch that lists what needle size I used or what the stitch pattern is. Yeah, real smart. So I ripped them all out. It took me over an hour to steam all this crinkly yarn back into a usable form, and I overheated the tea kettle in the process.

The one good thing that came of all this, if you call finding insects in a yarn stash good, is that I found some yarn I forgot I owned. I cataloged some of my yarn and added it into my stash on Ravelry (sans photos). I have yet to open the big bag o’ wool to see how it’s fairing. I have some other yarn in a garbage bag in the freezer that I should catalog too. Perhaps today would be a good day for that because it’s hot hot hot out and the yarn is cold cold cold…

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This afternoon I said to DH “What would I ever do without Ravelry?” to which he replied “Probably knit more.” Ouch.

I’m plugging away at Sabbatical which was designed by Connie Chang Chinchio. Even though it’s slow going, I enjoy this type of knitting much more than something mindless and boring. I like knitting projects that keep me on my toes.

I’m this far, and I’m pleased as punch with it:

I expect it will look much more even after I block it. This yarn is dreamy to work with. It’s the jumbo hank of Alpaca with a Twist. ❤

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perky socks

Yesterday I came home from grocery shopping to find some sock yarn waiting at my doorstep. Yay! Someone on Ravelry just so happened to be selling the exact yarn I was looking for, Hazel Knits Artisan sock yarn in the colorway Equinox. We did a little convo et voilà, yarn!


I’m knitting the Morrocan Lace Socks by Lisa Lackney from Knitcircus issue #4.


The only problem is…


The pattern calls for a picot cast on. Somehow my picots look a little too perky. I’m not sure I like how these are starting, so I think I may rip out the picot edge and browse around Ravelry for some other decorative sock cast on ideas.


Later on…
Well I didn’t have much luck on Ravelry. I think I may just modify the picot directions in the pattern.

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Yes I am nerdy like this.


I logged into Ravelry yesterday as usual. The first tab I always click on is the patterns tab so I can see what new patterns have been uploaded. The patterns page also contains an assorted list of designers who have patterns in Ravelry, and it includes the corresponding avatar. These seem to be chosen at random. Well guess who finally made it to the patterns page?? Check out the “ravatar” on the bottom… You probably think I’m totally off my rocker, but I have to say this totally made my day!

Now to a story totally unrelated to knitting. I received notification yesterday that I had a certified letter waiting for me at the post office. So this morning DH and I trekked to the post office to find out what it was. Ahem, are you ready for this? It was from the US Customs and Border Protection office alerting me that someone tried to send me 3 chocolate Kinder Surprise eggs with toys inside, valued at $3.00. Homeland Security said the chocolate eggs were seized and are “subject to forfeiture” because these eggs violate some US code. So when I got home I looked it up online and sure enough, you are not allowed to import this candy into the US because the toy inside can be a choking hazard to someone under the age of 3. Gee, thanks for keeping me safe. Heck, I just might have thought I was supposed to eat that little plastic toy inside. I really owe you one. Why not enjoy my delicious chocolate while you’re at it??

*grumble, grumble*

In my next post I’ll show you Emily’s lovely new sweater she just finished knitting.

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It seems like I often end up knitting things I can’t fully blog about. This time it’s a scarf that my mom requested for Christmas. She knows about it, obviously, since she requested it, but she left the designing up to me, and I’d like to at least keep the stitch pattern a secret. However, if you’re a Ravelry member, click here to see the work in progress in my little notebook. If, after viewing this project, you are totally awestruck and would like to make a comment, please make it as vague as possible. My mom reads this blog, hi mom, and I want to keep at least part of this project a surprise!

And in other news, a hat pattern I designed was just accepted for the next issue of Knitcircus! I really like that magazine. Jaala, the E-i-C, does such a nice job with it. I’m very excited to be a part of this upcoming Feb 2009 issue. This pattern will finally make it to the great depths of the Ravelry pattern database! Yay! My last 2 patterns in Knitcircus were sewing patterns which are forbidden from Ravelry because they are not knitted or crocheted, even though they are patterns for essential knitting tools. See below.



Funny thing is that I met with Lisa the other day and *gulp* pulled out a ziplock bag that contained my knitting and about 5 circular needles. Ack! For which she gave me a well deserved scolding. Shame on me, I know, but in all other circumstances I really do use my needle cases. They’ve come in handy and kept my needles super organized.

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I usually get upset when I type in a URL and an error message pops up. But how can you be mad at this face?

So for once I have nothing much to blog about. I’m working on a secret project that I’m planning to submit to Knitty. Who knows, I may be lucky again. I also tried doing a fair isle swatch for Knitscene using the wool I have in my stash. Sage green, dark red and neon blue do not a lovely combo make. So one of my knitting buddies and I decided to make a Knit Picks order. Hopefully it will arrive before next Friday. Some knitting friends and I are going on a “knitting retreat” next weekend to a cabin somewhere north of here. Hopefully it will give me the chance to finish the secret Knitty project and work on the fair isle swatch.

And one final note that is not knitting related. PBS keeps showing a program discussing the switch from analog to DTV and what you need to know about it. The only reason I watched the first 15 minutes is because I like Norm Abram. He’s a cool guy. Now, I could see doing a short commercial explaining the most important points, but a whole program? Is it really that difficult to understand? Just get the coupon, buy the converter box at Best Buy and plug it in. Then add the remote for the converter box to the pile of remotes you already have.

So now as Markus says, what are you going to do about your toaster? Is your toaster DTV ready?? Norm didn’t address that one.

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