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My test knit is complete! Ain’t it pretty??

Pattern: Monongahela mini-shawlette (not available to the public just yet)
Designer: Gabrielle Marsden (gobbism on Ravelry)
Yarn: Used about 243yds / 57g fingering weight superwash sock yarn (100% merino)
Gauge: approx 4 sts = 1″ using size 5 US (3.75 mm) needles
Blocked dimensions: From center neck to edge point: approx 11”
Width from one edge to the other: approx 30”

My mini-shawlette has 4 lacebands and starts off with 12 pattern repeats.

There’s nothing better than a design that uses less than one skein of 100g sock yarn. Perfect for those impulse sock yarn purchases! I blocked this sucker to within an inch of its life, and it looks like it will be a really nice sized shoulder shawlette.


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What is it about drivers here in Pittsburgh? I have synesthesia, but that doesn’t prevent me from distinguishing between red and green lights. Or from noticing the bright fluorescent yellow PEDESTRIAN CROSSING signs placed in the middle of the street. That’s all this disgruntled pedestrian will say on the subject. Moving on to knitting…

huh??  My camera works again!

huh?? My camera works again!

I’ve stalled a bit on a wrap I’m designing. It’s a unique design in which I need to know exactly how the final edge border will be worked before I can continue knitting the bulk of the item. I have about 1/3 of the wrap done so far and it’s looking lovely all pinned out on my blocking board, waiting for some magical border inspiration to hit. In the meantime, I picked up my aunt’s “pico” socks again and I’m making good progress. I started them earlier this summer using size 0 bamboo dpns which just about did me in, literally. I had a pesky pain in my left arm for days because of these stupid dpns and had to stop knitting completely for what seemed like years (even if it was only for a week). Then came urgent projects and some magazine submissions, etc… so the socks were placed on the back burner until last week. I’m now using some heavenly knit picks nickel plated circulars (for magic loop) instead of those wretched dpns and I’m making so much progress! The leg on the right sock is totally done, and I have another 5 lace repeats to go on the left to catch up. Maybe these socks will actually get finished and gifted before winter starts??

I think I’ve decided to sell my knitting patterns on Patternfish, an online store where people can buy or sell knitting or crochet patterns as customized PDF downloads. As I’m super lazy, and I make no effort to hide that fact (which in itself is lazy), I just never got around to it. I do sell a few patterns through Etsy and Ravelry, but I have a few newer designs and I could definitely stand some more exposure. I need to reformat some of my patterns to fit the Patternfish template but I think in the end it will be worth it. Some of my old patterns need spruced up anyway. 🙂

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Yay, Pittsburgh! Knitsburgh hosted a knitting superbowl party at her house. Lots of fiber, football and food! You can see we had fun knitting and watching the 3D commercials.


Oh yeah, and the game was pretty good, too. But most importantly, I got lots of knitting done on my new design. I did pop my head up to watch the exciting plays, though! Here’s Lisa and the start of a black and gold hat.


As predicted, there were people running in the streets, massive riots and fires in Oakland, and the mandatory 2 hour delay for all schools tomorrow.

So that’s it. I’m not a football kind of person, but all in all it was a pretty exciting game. Now it’s time for bed.

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Before I even write anything about our SNB group, I’d like to apologize for the quality of the photos below. One might think that with an automatic digital camera, one would be able to just point and shoot, rendering spectacularly beautiful photographs with every click. Well, sadly, that’s not the case, as illustrated below. I am just about the worst digital photographer there ever was. 😦 That said, I hope you can enjoy the photos below just even a tiny little bit.

So now to the topic at hand. Over 2 years ago just after moving to the Burgh, I started the Shadyside Stitch ‘N Bitch to meet people. Many of the people I’ve met have become great friends. Just about every Wednesday night we meet at the Coffee Tree Roasters in Shadyside. The group is open to anyone, so don’t be shy! Stop by, pull up a piece of couch and knit/crochet with us. We’re a friendly bunch!

Some of the group members posted their projects on Ravelry (or they will soon be posted), but you may not have seen them since Ravelry is such a big place. So below are some projects that made it to knitting last night.

Here’s Beth with the gorgeous baby blanket she made this August. The pattern is Wild Stripes by Kristin Goedert from Knitty, Summer 2005.

Here’s Betsy with her 2nd scarf. It’s a sweet seed stitch scarf in purple and bright pink.

And here’s the second sock from Minh’s second pair of Jaywalkers. The colors are fabulous!

As you can see, we have lots of fun, so if you’re in the area, come knit with us!
We meet every Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:30
Coffee Tree Roasters on Walnut St. in Shadyside

Coming soon: I have socks to post about and Knitcircus patterns to brag about, so stay tuned!

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Stitch ‘N Pitch 2008
Pittsburgh Pirates vs. St. Louis Cardinals
Final score: 11-6 Cards
Knitting score: Jaywalkers still not finished yet

We had a great time at the game yesterday. It was overcast (and threatened of rain) for most of the game, although some sun did peek through for a few innings. We were in the shade as well. Despite all this, I still managed to get a wicked sunburn on my arms. Ouch!

There were 9 of us total (8 knitters/crocheters and one non-knitting husband). Here we are before the game started.

Our section filled up quickly. And at every game there’s always that one guy, you know who I mean. The one who yells in his loudest voice “I GOT IT!” whenever the opposing team hits a pop fly, or heckles people sitting near him. His name was Nick. And Nick was sitting right behind us. Lucky us. Lisa took this picture of Beth teaching him to knit with “sticks and thread” as he called it.

And in true Stephanie Pearl-McPhee style, here’s a picture of my Jaywalker sock and the ball park.

PNC park is really a beautiful ball park. It has a lovely view of the downtown skyline, and has really awesome surround sound. You can even text a message to someone and they’ll show it on the scoreboard!

And we had some excitement in our row, too! Bottom of the 8th. Pirates down by 5. All the sudden an errant foul ball came barreling towards Rebecca! She made a valiant effort to catch it bare handed, but it smashed into her hand so hard that it went rolling down 2 rows in front of us. And wouldn’t you know it, the guy who finally ended up taking the ball wouldn’t give it back to Rebecca, even after she showed him her swollen hand. Here she is icing her hand.

And the swag wasn’t bad either. Cute bags this year.

I think I may go again next year. Better play the Cubs, though!

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Today, June 14th, was the world wide knit in public day. bee-witch organized a great event this year!

Schenley Plaza is a really nice place to hang out. The massive tent is up all summer long, and during lunch hour there’s usually a musician playing. Today it was the talented Brad Yoder. He serenaded us with his guitar, and even sang a song just for us knitters! And he commented that knitting is nice because “it doesn’t hurt people and it doesn’t pollute the environment”. Well put. Thanks, Brad!

Here’s DoulaKnits working on her Ruana shawl.

Knitsburgh, CrochetKnitRip and DoulaKnits.

And VeeKayEff working on a cardigan.

I met some really nice people who I hope will come to the weekly knitting groups!

Shadyside Stitch ‘N Bitch
Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 PM
Coffee Tree Roasters on Walnut St. in Shadyside

Sundays from 4-6 PM
Tango Cafe on Forward Ave (corner of Forward and Murray) in Squirrel Hill
FYI, we may not be meeting tomorrow because we all got together today. But feel free to visit Tango anyway for some yummy treats and coffee!

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