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Another year, another stitch n’ pitch. To say that the weather was hot and muggy would be an understatement. The Bucs won in extra innings but we weren’t there to see it because we left early to get out of the heat.

The obligatory blurry sock-in-front-of-baseball-field photo. Markus’ socks will be completed before the end of July. I mean that, see, it’s in italics.

Ticket prices went up this year from $20 to $24. I was hoping the additional $4 went into the budget for swag.

::chirp chirp::

Although the bag, which is the same bag they gave out last year, is actually quite useful with a zipper, big front pocket and mesh bottle holders on each side. It will have to last me forever since I am not planning to go to another stitch n’ pitch game unless the Pirates play the Chicago Cubs. I think I would rather buy a nice skein of sock yarn with that $24… Mmmm, sock yarn.


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