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Well hello there and happy 2013! Here’s a synesthesia sock update because yes, I have yet to finish my December socks, even though it’s January.

dembow socks 016

I’m calling these Dembow Socks because they feature my Dembow stitch pattern I’ve used so often on hats. I’m really pleased with these socks so far. The yarn is Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 in the colorway forest dew. I’ve used this fabulously soft yarn once before and love it. These socks will be for me- mine mine mine!

This holiday I received some lovely gifts from my family. Some of the gifts I’m most excited about are certificates to Natural Stitches, Miss Babs, and Verdant Gryphon. Now I can buy ALL THE YARNS, mwahahaha!

I also have a new Google Nexus phone! This was not a gift but a much MUCH needed upgrade from my previous pay-as-you-go excuse for a phone that I bought years ago. Now I need to remind myself to stop messing about on my phone and get some knitting done because I have some knitting goals for 2013:

*Finish my December dembow socks
*Knit some gifts (baby shower and birthday)
*Resume the Breckenridge sweater that I started in October of last year
*Finish the Hanket that I started way too long ago
*Consider publishing some of the synesthesia sock patterns I designed last year, though don’t hold your breath…


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We went to see Becky Billock perform today. It was a great show, as always. Becky’s a very talented musician. We bought her new CD which I’m listening to right now.

Then we went to Natural Stitches because, ha ha funny story, I’m fairly certain I don’t have enough yarn to finish the sleeves for the Aidez sweater. I’m 12″ into the sleeves and what’s left of my Eco wool seems pretty slim. I wasn’t able to get the same dye lot (which would have been pure luck) but the match is close enough.

I spent a total of 5 minutes in Natural Stitches. I didn’t browse. I didn’t chit-chat. I only bought the Eco wool I came for. Yes, I am as shocked with my behavior as you are.

So a few months ago I knit some projects I neglected to blog about. One was a set of ballband dishcloths for my inlaws. They knit up fast and turned out really cute. Thanks to Lisa for gifting me the lime green cotton yarn. I followed the modifications by redfern in Ravelry.

And now it’s time to make some bean and cheese enchiladas. Mmmmm…

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a very soft hat

Last weekend, (really, was it just last weekend?) I went with Cheryl to Natural Stitches and bought some madelinetosh dk yarn in the colorway graphite to make Markus a new hat. And now that I’ve knit with madelinetosh, I must. get. more.

Pattern: Tummelum (reversible-hat-6ply)
Needles: I used size 1.5 US for the brim and 3 US for the rest of the hat

I cast on fewer stitches to accommodate thicker weight yarn. I believe the pattern called for sport weight, but I seriously couldn’t resist this yarn. All in all, the hat turned out well; it’s soft, warm, and fits Markus’ very snugly.

Now it’s back to my Aidez sweater!

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Today I officially turned 3…*mumble, mumble*. I’ve been bumped up into the higher age bracket in all those pesky surveys. And what did I do on my birthday, you didn’t ask?

1. Got up early. Seriously, shouldn’t there be a law that anyone celebrating a birthday ought to be allowed to sleep in?

2. Opened my cards. Dave sent me yet another corker. I think we’re secretly trying to outdo each other with bizarrely awesome cards. I think he won this year. DH got me a *gift card to Natural Stitches which is hands down the best, most “inspiring” yarn store in the Pittsburgh area. Now what kind of yarn should I buy?

3. Sent my proposal to Interweave Knits for their Spring 2011 issue.

4. Went to work. Who told my birthday it could fall on a Monday? When I was little, the best thing about having a summer solstice birthday was that I could go to the beach instead of school.

5. I ATE CAKE! Last year on my birthday we went on a cake quest. All I wanted was a nice piece of cake and a cup of coffee. Not a cookie, brownie, or pastry. Cake. We walked to 5 coffee shops before we found actual cake. So guess what DH surprised me with today at lunch? A piece of CAKE! Fancy cheesecake with a slab of chocolate in the center and caramel drizzle on top. Just what the birthday girl in the higher age bracket ordered!

6. I was treated to a fancy coffee drink at Starbucks by my favorite baristas who are just plain awesome. I may have mentioned before that I. Love. Starbucks. I think they need to put a “reserved for Susan” sign on my table.

7. We went out to dinner at Star of India and I had some delicious Malai Kofta.

*I was secretly hoping someone would buy me a Def Leppard t-shirt for my birthday. It didn’t happen. But yarn money is good, too. I could buy some yarn and knit myself a Def Leppard t-shirt and… wait, no.

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One of the designers I really admire is Connie Chang Chinchio. Her sweater designs are really top notch. When I first saw her Sabbatical sweater published in Twist Collective, I just knew I had to knit it for myself. Isn’t it lovely? It’s been such a long time since I knit something for myself, especially a sweater. So the first order of business was to decide on a yarn. Done!

Alpaca with a Twist. The same yarn I’m using for Kate’s Cardigan. And when I say “the same yarn” I actually mean “the same yarn”. Yup, it’s Kermit the frog time… I think Kate’s Cardigan is a pretty sweater and Elizabeth Morrison did a smashing job designing it, but somehow I’m no longer motivated to work on it. The back and fronts are done, but I have no desire to finish. *sigh* Therefore I will be repurposing the alpaca yarn for Sabbatical. Connie’s sweater calls for more yarn than I have, so last weekend I went to Natural Stitches to see if maybe, just maybe, they had some of this color in stock. Not only did they have the same color, but they had the same dye lot! Talk about luck!

I just have to finish up Markus’ mittens (already halfway done with mitten #2) and I can cast on. Yay, new project!

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