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tote bag addict

I love the library. I go there a lot. And I almost never leave the building without checking out a book or DVD. My rule is that if I check out the same library book more than 3 times, it’s a pretty safe bet I’ll want to check it out again, so why not just bite the bullet and buy myself a copy? Which explains how I ended up buying this book off of Etsy last week.

The Total Tote Bag Book: Designer Totes to Craft and Carry / by Joyce Aiken and Jean Ray Laury. New York: Taplinger Publishing, 1977.

Now that I have a working sewing machine, I plan to sew more in the future. And I’ve checked out this book enough times to satisfy my rule of thumb. Because, you know, what I desperately need are even more tote bags…

Despite the 1977 copyright (meaning there are a few truly wacky ’70s designs within), the majority of the book contains some fabulous bag patterns. I can’t imagine that a basic style tote bag could ever go out of style, except perhaps for the choice of fabric. Here are some of my favorites which I plan to make one day soon because I must have ALL the pretty bags.

My very favorite of them all is the “Rat Pak”. The caption reads: “The designer [Carole Austin] made this bag for her son who found it difficult to carry his white rat while riding his bike”. Because, you know, that’s a common dilemma; what to do with your rat while cycling…

Over the past weekend away (of which I will relate in an upcoming post) I knit up a hat. I call it the Dunnings Creek hat, and it turned out just as I imagined it. I sent it off this morning to the hats for sailors project, making my contribution 3 hats total.


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Have I ever mentioned how much I love the library?

If you went to the library today in search of a sock book, sorry, I have it. But never fear, I always return my books on time. 🙂

Can you guess what I’m knitting right now? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not a sweater.

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Today I went to the local library to pick up a book that was on hold for me and as usual, I came home with 50 lbs of additional reading material. Take a guess at what my next design will be…


❤ your library! Support your local library! Have you hugged a librarian today?

I've also been working on Ysolda's Ishbel shawl here and there between projects. I'm still on the stockinette portion. After I took this picture, I realized it looked kind of like a manta ray, which brings to mind the report I wrote on manta rays in 5th grade. My teacher said pick any animal. Obvious choice, right?


The yarn is 50% alpaca, 50% nylon from the Annadele Alpaca booth at the Waynesburg sheep and fiber festival. Very pretty yarn, knitting up at an unblocked gauge of about 5.25 sts per inch. It should turn out to be a lovely manta ray shawl.

I’ve also started knitting some small projects for my friend Rebecca. I was supposed to have them done in time for her baby shower but progress came to a standstill due to my recent Interweave Knits design. Things are now back on track and I’ll post pictures once everything’s all completed and gifted. I can tell you I’m using Cottonwood yarn by Fibranatura, and I’m pleased with the results so far.

I haven’t started sewing my Simplicity top #3842, nor have I hemmed my new free Gap jeans from Betsy’s party. All in good time…

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