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So what do you do when you’re stuck on a knitting design you’re working on? You put it away for a week and work on Kate’s Cardigan! Believe me, once you start having nightmares involving your designs-in-progress, it’s time to back off and work on something else.

I’m now working the armhole shaping on the back of Kate. The yarn is lovely. I highly recommend Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist yarn.

A little bit about sewing
I really like to sew. It’s so satisfying to finish up a project in just one day. I love all the fabric choices and buttons and putting them all together. But I also LOVE to knit, and when the 2 duke it out, knitting inevitably wins. Sad, but true…


Today I relisted some of my fabric knitting needle cases on Etsy, and took $5 off the original list price as a Spring treat. I just love the bright, cheerful fabrics I used, and how quickly they went from flat pieces of fabric to unique, useful objects. I personally use my needle cases as an organized storage spot for my needles (me, organized???), but they work really great for travel, too. The circular needle cases have a small notions pockets inside for things like tapestry needles, stitch markers and fold up scissors. If you’re planning a trip and trying to pack light, you can take just the needles you’ll need for your projects and a few notions. (Just be sure to comply with TSA requirements for airline travel).


The patterns for these needle cases were published in 2 issues of Knitcircus magazine. I’ve made them into PDFs and will be selling the patterns for both the tall straight needle cases and short circular needle cases on Etsy as soon as I can.


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It seems like I often end up knitting things I can’t fully blog about. This time it’s a scarf that my mom requested for Christmas. She knows about it, obviously, since she requested it, but she left the designing up to me, and I’d like to at least keep the stitch pattern a secret. However, if you’re a Ravelry member, click here to see the work in progress in my little notebook. If, after viewing this project, you are totally awestruck and would like to make a comment, please make it as vague as possible. My mom reads this blog, hi mom, and I want to keep at least part of this project a surprise!

And in other news, a hat pattern I designed was just accepted for the next issue of Knitcircus! I really like that magazine. Jaala, the E-i-C, does such a nice job with it. I’m very excited to be a part of this upcoming Feb 2009 issue. This pattern will finally make it to the great depths of the Ravelry pattern database! Yay! My last 2 patterns in Knitcircus were sewing patterns which are forbidden from Ravelry because they are not knitted or crocheted, even though they are patterns for essential knitting tools. See below.



Funny thing is that I met with Lisa the other day and *gulp* pulled out a ziplock bag that contained my knitting and about 5 circular needles. Ack! For which she gave me a well deserved scolding. Shame on me, I know, but in all other circumstances I really do use my needle cases. They’ve come in handy and kept my needles super organized.

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Last month I got terribly busy with other things that had tight deadlines (designing, knitting, more designing, ripping, cursing, reknitting, etc…), so I neglected to mention that my sewing pattern for knitting needle cases has been published and is now available in the July 2008 issue #3 of Knitcircus!

What a super little publication! Not only does it contain a mix of knitting and sewing patterns, there’s also a recipe for “Cosmopolitan Cupcakes”. In every issue it has yarn reviews, book and product reviews, and a profile of a knitter (this issue is Jeannette Cross from Madison, WI). If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the magazine, you can order through Knitcircus’ web site. And I believe my 2nd and final needle case pattern for circular and double pointed knitting needles will be published in one of the upcoming issues.

Since my knitting needle case pattern is not actually a knitting pattern, I unfortunately can’t add it to the vast pattern library in Ravelry. This makes me sad because I want to see how many lovely knitters have sewn my pattern. While I understand Ravelry’s rules about this, and I certainely want to follow the rules and I especially don’t want to clutter up their pattern library with non-knitting patterns (even though it pertains directly to knitting), it does make me a little sad.

So if you get a copy of Knitcircus and make a needle case, please let me know. I’d love to see what fabrics and buttons you used.

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I’ve finally gotten my projects finished for the CITYCRAFT MARKET sale this Saturday. I was stressing a little, thinking I couldn’t get the needle cases done in time. But I’ve got 7 completely done (and one is almost done. Just needs a button sewn on). So here they are in all their colorful glory.

I’m also selling my knitting and knitting patterns. Among other knits, I have 3 baby dresses complete, and one is sooooooo close to being done. I hope I can finish it today.

Once the sale is over I can focus on designing, which I’ve put on the back burner. I think this will be my last craft show for a while. Let’s be honest, I don’t rake in the big $$ doing these sales. But they are fun.

April 26th, noon-5pm at the Creative TreeHouse, 517 Lincoln Ave. 2nd Floor, Bellevue, PA 15202.


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Last sewing class

Tonight was our final sewing class. I don’t know what to do from now on Tuesday evenings. I guess I could go back to yoga class…

Anyway, here we all are modeling our finished projects. It’s about an even split between purses and pants.

Also, I was able to almost finish some more knitting needle cases. This time 2 large and one small. I’m going to miss the Baby Lock sewing machines from class.

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pretty fabric

Aren’t these pretty fabrics? These will be made into more knitting needle cases very soon.  The black fabric with flowers on it was cut crooked, so this one will have to be a small case since there’s just not enough fabric for a large one.  Other than that, it was really hard to decide how many straight or circular cases to make, and which fabric to use for each.  Thank you Lisa for driving me to JoAnn Fabrics! 


And here’s a sneak peek at what’s currently on my needles.

I was also just looking at the schematic in my previous post, and noticed that when I sized it for the blog, it kind of squinched up the numbers.  Let me assure you, the real document looks just fine.  I highly recommend Inkscape!

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I went to the knitting store yesterday to get some cute buttons for my knitting needle cases (and we’re back to buttons again.  I think I need a button subscription.  Is there button of the month club I can join?).  Anyway, the ladies knitting there asked what I had made and were so impressed.  One lady asked if they were for sale and wanted to know how much I’m charging for them.  I honestly don’t know yet.  The cases I’ve made are not even finished and I haven’t thought at all about pricing.  I wanted to wait until they’re done to focus on that sticky, tricky aspect.  So I said “I don’t know yet” and then the other ladies started chit-chatting away and I ended up not selling a thing.  Which I don’t know how I feel about now.  I know the point of becoming a business to sell handmade stuff is to sell stuff, but I wasn’t in the mindset right then to actually sell my UNFINISHED product to someone yet.  I’m specifically making them for the CITYCRAFT show on April 26th to put out on the table (otherwise it’ll be empty).  All I came to the store for was buttons, not to feel like an idiot afterwards.  So what’s wrong with my logic here?  I know something needs to change but I don’t know how to make myself feel less shy about selling my stuff. And my stuff is nice, so I shouldn’t feel shy about it…

But on the plus side, Cosy a.k.a. Cosymakes was there and said she liked my cases 🙂

I started a 5th case (now a total of 5 unfinished cases…) last night in sewing class.  I should be done with 3 of them very soon.  Just sewing on the closure and button.  I wish my machine had a button hole maker.  I think I may buy a new Singer sometime. 

And I have been knitting.  Sewing hasn’t replaced my knitting entirely!  I’m making yet another Sadie dress, this time modified with stripes on the bottom.  And still a secret project that’s been on the back burner for a while.  Still can’t say what it is so I can submit it to Knitty.

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