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That’s right, I did.

Pattern: Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2011: Earth & Sky
Yarn: Louet Gems sport weight, 100% merino
Color A: Willow
Color B: Steel Grey
Color C: Pewter
Needles: size 6 US
Measurements: Size small, 16.5″ deep by 40″ wingspan (tip to tip)

Had I seen the design beforehand, I would have chosen different colors. The shawl is currently blocking, and it now looks far better than when it came off the needles a few days ago. Who knows, I may decide to keep it for myself.

I also finished the button holes on the skirt and sewed on the buttons. My sewing machine does have a button hole attachment. Fortunately I made some practice button holes first. I had one of the settings wrong and the thread kept breaking. Once I got it sorted out it was smooth sailing.

Now to start some new projects! My next sewing project will be a the Staggering Strips quilt, also from Sewing in a Straight Line. I plan to use more woodgrain fabrics, this time in orange, pink, yellow, light green and dark green. Because I will not stop until everything I own is covered in woodgrain fabric.


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Now that the holidays have come and gone (despite the fact that we still have our Christmas tree up and will leave it up until April, probably), I guess I should finally post photos of some projects I made and gifted.

My friend Cheryl gave me some gorgeous Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga! yarn in the colorway stink bug…

…which ended up becoming Ysolda Teague’s Orchid Leaf Shawlette for my Mom.

This Karabella Aurora 8 yarn that I bought at School Products in NYC…

…became the Urban Necessity Gloves for my brother, henceforth know as “the slap-chop mitts”. Because “flip-top” was just too difficult to say.

Some lovely fabric I bought at Loom Exquisite Textiles and the Quilt Patch turned into a patchwork shopping tote for my SILs. This is the Jumi Einkaufstasche, so named after the recipients. Patchwork on both sides, boxed corners, lined, approx 16″ tall and 16″ wide, not including straps. I designed this myself and I’m pretty stinking pleased with it. (click for larger photo)

You can never go wrong with orange woodgrain fabric.

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Yes, I’m still here. I’ve been busy knitting and sewing holiday gifts. Lots of projects done, a few more to finish. The drops scarf for my boss is finally finished!

Pattern: 108-4 a – scarf by Drops
Yarn: Wool and the Gang Sugar Baby Alpaca (100% baby alpaca)
Needles: size 4 US
Size: approx 7.5” wide and 61.5” long

My yarn is heavier than the suggested yarn in the pattern, so I cast on fewer sts (55 sts). I then worked 3 garter sts at each edge instead of 5. After working the first row, I had a total of 43 sts (3 garter, 37 chart, 3 garter). I worked chart M.1A once, M.1B once (not twice), and M.1C once. After I finished the M.1 charts, I realized I didn’t have the correct stitch count for chart M.2 since I started the scarf with fewer sts. I poured over my stitch dictionaries and decided to use the Palm Leaf Chevron stitch from Barbara Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, p. 277. It worked well, I think.

This scarf grew immensely during blocking. I didn’t take a formal measure before blocking, but I would wager a guess that it grew at least 15″ in length.

Another item I made recently actually contained the drops scarf while it was in progress. I sewed a small project bag with this totally cute fabric I bought from Loom.

The fabric is from the Child’s Play with Kate & Nate collection by Sheri Berry Designs. The outer Girl fabric came in a panel containing alphabet blocks. The inner fabric (from the same collection) is called Ditzy Mushrooms. It has an allover pattern of little mushrooms and dragonflies. Love this fabric! I just had to get the “Y is for yarn” on one side, obviously. 🙂

And one last thing. If anyone knows where I can get more of this fabric in orange, I will be eternally grateful:

It’s by designer Joel Dewberry from his discontinued Aviary collection. It’s the Woodgrain orange. I can’t seem to find this fabric in orange anywhere for sale online. *sniff, sniff* Hopefully Loom still has some in stock. I’ve used it in a few projects and have determined it is the best fabric ever. I even dreamed about it 2 nights ago. Seriously, I’m obsessed.

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