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Last January I decided I wanted to challenge myself by forming my own sock club. My sock club, I decided, would have a strange twist. My goal was to knit a pair of socks each month for one year based upon my version of synesthesia. I imagine words as colors, so the color of yarn I planned to use would correspond directly to the color of each month. Needless to say, I was the only member of my synesthesia sock club. I successfully made 12 pairs of socks last year. Some of the socks were knit from published patterns, and the rest were my own designs.


top row (left to right): Dembow socks (my own design), Penuche Twist socks, Oktoberfest Socken (my own design), Paraphernalia.
middle row (left to right): Freshet socks (my own design), Maurice Moss socks (my own design), Freshet socks (my own design), Brezel Socken (my own design).
bottom row (left to right): Cadence Socks, Síguelo (my own design), Paraphernalia, River Rapids socks.

Just for the heck of it, I created some charts showing the frequency of yarn brands and colors I used throughout the year.


The most popular color was apparently green (in various shades). My favorite color of all 12 months was the midnight blue I used for the Oktoberfest Socken. No surprise there.


The most popular yarn brand was overwhelmingly Fiber Optic Yarns Foot Notes. This is a great workhorse yarn that comes in some beautiful colorways. I highly recommend it. So far the yarn is holding up really well in all my socks. Other yarns I quite enjoyed knitting with are Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 and Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere. They both contain cashmere which makes the socks super soft.

All in all, my synesthesia sock club was a success! And because I needed another challenge this year, I decided to join Nerd Wars on Ravelry. My team? Team Most Amused which focuses on britcoms and British sketch comedies. I mean, come on, how could I resist???


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I finished up 2 projects in the last week- my April synesthesia socks and the alpaca shawlette. I appear to be crushing on green at the moment.

Pattern: Ka’ana Shawlette by Jennifer Weissman (my project name is Estoy Enamorado after the song by Wisin & Yandel of course)
Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist in light green (color 4001)
Needles: US 5 (3.75mm) and US 8 (5.0mm)

This was an impulse project. I knew I needed to knit this shawlette the instant I saw the pattern in the Ravelry database. The Alpaca yarn from my stash was great for this project. It’s soft, squishy and exceedingly warm. I haven’t yet decided who the recipient of this shawlette will be, but whoever it is will never be cold again, that’s for sure. I recommend this pattern, it was fun to knit. I may make another gasp!

Pattern: Cadence Socks by verybusymonkey (my project name is Bunny Manders after the sidekick in the Raffles stories)
Yarn: Fiber Optic Foot Notes in the colorway Meadow
Needles: US 1 (2.25mm)

Somehow I ended up knitting sock #1 twice so the socks aren’t mirrored. They still turned out lovely and I just LOVE how this yarn knits up! Now on to my May synesthesia socks in orange…

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Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2012.

And here’s what I bought. Yup, this really is all of it.

From left to right: Fiber Optic Foot Notes in Sage Batik; Fiber Optic Foot Notes in Rouge Batik; Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select in River Run; and Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select Semi Solids in Wheat.

Three of these 4 skeins are earmarked for synesthesia sock projects: August (sage), September (rouge) and November (wheat). I also went into the Miss Babs, Verdant Gryphon and The Fold booths hoping to find some sock yarn to add to this lot but somehow came away empty handed. Probably for the best…

Saturday night we went to the Ravelry LSG dinner meetup, and I’m sorry to say I have no photographic proof of this because my camera battery died. I met some really nice LSGers and a sweet dog named Kasey. Thanks to the organizers, it was fun!

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The Síguelo socks are slowly coming along… though I fully admit that I’m not besotted with them. I’m now at the heel on both socks but I just can’t decide what type of heel to do. I did start a regular old heel flap on sock #1 which looks, meh, just so-so. I may try a short row heel on sock #2 to see which I like better. Any suggestions?

During my weekend away at Autumn House Farm I cast on for the Shawl Cardigan by Simona Merchant-Dest. I’m using the Bugga! yarn I got for Xmas. I was knitting very tightly to achieve gauge and consequently ended up with a fabric that could stand up on its own (not to mention sore hands from the death grip I had on my needles). Fortunately I had knit only 5″ so it wasn’t overly traumatic to rip back to the ribbing and start over. I’m pleased with the drape of the fabric now.

Yesterday I received a package. It contained some lovely Foot Notes yarn in the colorway Meadow by Fiber Optic. I really love this yarn. It’s super soft and knits up like a dream. I think this yarn will make some sweet April socks.

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To kick off my Synesthesia Sock Club, here are my January socks (that should have been February socks).

Pattern: River Rapids Socks by Sockbug
Yarn: Fiber Optic Yarns Foot Notes in colorway Bluegrass var. 1, one of a kind BATIK
Needles: US size 1 (the needles I measured with the caliper that are between sizes 1-1.5)
Notes on the pattern: I made some modifications such as start the chart on column 2 so the K2, P2 ribbing is in line with the chart. There’s also an error in the heel turn instructions. To center the heel it should say “sl1, K17 (not K16)”. I also subbed an SSK for the K2tog in the heel turn.

I got this yarn 2 years ago at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. My friend Cheryl owed me about $20 so she bought me this yarn from the Loop booth instead. Because sock yarn is just as good as money, right? The yarn is very soft and the color is just lovely. I would highly recommend this yarn. These socks only used 81g so I have about 122 yds left.

February socks:
According to my synesthesia, the month of January is a lovely chocolate brown. I came up with this crazy Synesthesia sock club idea well into January after I started knitting the aforementioned green socks. I decided to count these green socks for January and knit brown socks instead for February. Clear as mud, huh? Therefore my February socks (which should have been green) will be knit with this lovely Madelinetosh sock yarn in Fig:

I’m thinking about using this yarn to knit the Paraphernalia socks. I’m also going to swatch some stitch patterns from a Chinese knitting book I checked out from the university library. That is, if I can figure out what the chart symbols mean. Stay tuned…

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