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This past summer my friends and I dyed sock blanks from Knit Picks. If you’ve been following along, I’ve been periodically posting pictures of the various items made from these sock blanks as they’re finished. Here’s Anita holding her dyed blank.


She made lengthwise stripes in blue and green, which resulted in these fabulous stripey socks for her DH:


The pattern is from a sock class she took at our LYS.


I’m always so amazed with these projects because I can never guess what the yarn will look like once it’s knitted up. I may be over analyzing these socks, but can you see the little stripe of light green inside the dark blue stripes? It’s more noticable in the first picture if you squint your eyes. It’s like looking into rippling waves out in the ocean. I give these a thumbs up!

Yet another Embossed Leaves socks update
I turned the heel on sock #2 (yay!) and now I’m at the point where I pick up stitches along the heel flap. I kid you not, I spent my entire bus commute this morning trying to pick up stitches along one side of the heel flap. It was a really bumpy ride. Giant potholes and knitting on size 1 needles do not mix. Potholes or no potholes, I’m still loving these socks.


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Happy new year everyone!

I was finally able to finish my version of Annie Knits Red Hot Socks. They took quite a while to complete because I only worked on them sporadically between other projects. These were made with the Knit Picks sock blank I dyed this summer. I’m not really loving the colorway I produced, but it was my first go at dying yarn. The colors show up kind of bluish on the screen because I had my camera set to the wrong lighting. Maybe one of my resolutions should be “Learn how to properly use digital camera in 2009”.


So I knit these socks toe up, and then tried various bind offs until I found one I liked. I tried the regular old bind off which I thought looked kind of clunky. Then I tried tubular bind off (really great instructions here) but it was so tight I couldn’t slip the sock over my heel. Then I tried Russian bind off, but wasn’t pleased with the little holes I was getting. Perhaps I was doing it wrong? Then I did the usually beautiful Icelandic bind off as shown in the Zimmermann/Swansen Knitting Glossary DVD (which if you don’t own, treat yourself to a belated holiday gift). I didn’t like the looks of this one either on my cuff. By this time I was getting pretty fed up because I really wanted to be done with these socks. I finally just cut the yarn and did a sewn bind off which was laborious, but it produced a neat edge which retained some stretchiness. Upon further consideration, I probably should have knit the socks at least 1″ longer. But they’re warm and comfortable and will get worn a lot around the house.

What to work on next? Well, I found that a little critter had snacked on one of my $14 KPPPM sock yarn skeins I bought while on my vacation in New Hampshire, !@#$%^&. But I was able to cast on (using the other uneaten skein) to start the Embossed Leaves socks by Mona Schmidt from the Favorite Socks book. Here’s sock #1 in progress.


I just love how the colorway is turning out. And this yarn is super soft and shiny. Not sure what I’m going to do about the second sock, though. I think I can use about 2/3 of the skein, although I hate darning in all those ends.

Here’s a tip for you: never let your guard down. Despite what we tell ourselves, our stash is never safe, even if the yarn is stored in ziplock bags. Do a periodic check of your stash to catch these little buggers before they create an even nastier problem. 😦

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