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Last November I got my hair cut and donated it to Locks of Love. Today I received a really sweet personalized card in the mail thanking me for my donation. Apparently most of the kids who receive wigs from Locks of Love have an autoimmune disease called alopecia areata. I’m glad that I was able to help a kid in need. DH said I may see some kid wandering around Pgh wearing my hair. Wouldn’t that be kind of eerie? At any rate, I think I may grow my hair long again just to chop it off and donate it. I’m never satisfied with my hair at any length, so why not?!?

Because I’m sure you were just itching for a sweater update
I finished the right front of Kate’s cardigan yesterday and started working on the left side. This yarn is a dream to work with. Yes, I realize I say this every time I post about the sweater, but it’s true. Again, for those of you just joining me, the yarn is Baby Twist by Alpaca with a Twist. It came in 2 King Kong sized hanks, and even though it was a bit pricey for my budget, I’m 100% happy with my purchase.

DVD review

I’m always on the lookout for fun, educational knitting DVDs. My absolute favorites are by Elizabeth Zimmermann and her daughter Meg Swansen. I spend a lot of time at the public library because as everyone knows, libraries are just plain awesome. My local public library system (which will never compare to the Urbana Free and wonderful Library), actually has a fairly decent collection of knitting related items. I happened to find the Lucy Neatby series of knitting DVDs tucked into the TT820 section. (Yes, the Carnegie library system uses Library of Congress call numbers. I mean, seriously?? What’s wrong with 746.432?) Anyway, there are plenty of mediocre knitting DVDs floating around out there. I’ve checked them out and promptly returned them. So you can imagine that I was a bit leery when I came across Lucy’s DVDs. Oh how wrong I was! This superb series contains a total of 13 DVDs in all, each dealing with different knitting techniques. Yesterday, I watched Finesse Your Knitting vol. 1, which was all about grafting. An entire DVD about grafting! Amazing. The other ones I’ve watched dealt with intarsia knitting, fancy cast on and bind off edges, shoulder shapings, knitting double bands for cardigans, etc… I now know the correct way to work intarsia, how to graft cables so they match up, and how to work tubular bind off. I’m really hoping to watch the sock DVD next. If you can get your hands on this series, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll learn something new and exciting. Lucy is an exceptionally good teacher and she has such a sweet British accent, too!


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