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That’s right, I did.

Pattern: Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2011: Earth & Sky
Yarn: Louet Gems sport weight, 100% merino
Color A: Willow
Color B: Steel Grey
Color C: Pewter
Needles: size 6 US
Measurements: Size small, 16.5″ deep by 40″ wingspan (tip to tip)

Had I seen the design beforehand, I would have chosen different colors. The shawl is currently blocking, and it now looks far better than when it came off the needles a few days ago. Who knows, I may decide to keep it for myself.

I also finished the button holes on the skirt and sewed on the buttons. My sewing machine does have a button hole attachment. Fortunately I made some practice button holes first. I had one of the settings wrong and the thread kept breaking. Once I got it sorted out it was smooth sailing.

Now to start some new projects! My next sewing project will be a the Staggering Strips quilt, also from Sewing in a Straight Line. I plan to use more woodgrain fabrics, this time in orange, pink, yellow, light green and dark green. Because I will not stop until everything I own is covered in woodgrain fabric.

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Yes, I’m still here. I’ve been busy knitting and sewing holiday gifts. Lots of projects done, a few more to finish. The drops scarf for my boss is finally finished!

Pattern: 108-4 a – scarf by Drops
Yarn: Wool and the Gang Sugar Baby Alpaca (100% baby alpaca)
Needles: size 4 US
Size: approx 7.5” wide and 61.5” long

My yarn is heavier than the suggested yarn in the pattern, so I cast on fewer sts (55 sts). I then worked 3 garter sts at each edge instead of 5. After working the first row, I had a total of 43 sts (3 garter, 37 chart, 3 garter). I worked chart M.1A once, M.1B once (not twice), and M.1C once. After I finished the M.1 charts, I realized I didn’t have the correct stitch count for chart M.2 since I started the scarf with fewer sts. I poured over my stitch dictionaries and decided to use the Palm Leaf Chevron stitch from Barbara Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, p. 277. It worked well, I think.

This scarf grew immensely during blocking. I didn’t take a formal measure before blocking, but I would wager a guess that it grew at least 15″ in length.

Another item I made recently actually contained the drops scarf while it was in progress. I sewed a small project bag with this totally cute fabric I bought from Loom.

The fabric is from the Child’s Play with Kate & Nate collection by Sheri Berry Designs. The outer Girl fabric came in a panel containing alphabet blocks. The inner fabric (from the same collection) is called Ditzy Mushrooms. It has an allover pattern of little mushrooms and dragonflies. Love this fabric! I just had to get the “Y is for yarn” on one side, obviously. :)

And one last thing. If anyone knows where I can get more of this fabric in orange, I will be eternally grateful:

It’s by designer Joel Dewberry from his discontinued Aviary collection. It’s the Woodgrain orange. I can’t seem to find this fabric in orange anywhere for sale online. *sniff, sniff* Hopefully Loom still has some in stock. I’ve used it in a few projects and have determined it is the best fabric ever. I even dreamed about it 2 nights ago. Seriously, I’m obsessed.

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