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My everlasting knitting work
Is lying by my side,
And though it is a homely thing
I gaze on it with pride;
For while my fingers o’er it played,
My thoughts have journeyed wide.
~Anon, between 1850-1870

I quite like the first stanza of the poem My Everlasting Knitting Work. There isn’t much information available about this poem other than it was published around the 1850s as a broadside.

Now may I present to you my homely knitting-in-progress, the Síguelo socks. If you haven’t noticed, they are bright orange. I could wear them to go hunting1. Or to do road construction2 on I-80.

I’m past the gusset decreases on both socks. Perhaps the next time we meet they will be finished?

1 I don’t hunt.
2 I don’t do road construction, either.

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