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Blogs, how do THEY work? Like, aren’t they supposed to update themselves or something? No? Huh.

So, one might imagine that after a 2+ week break from the blog I would be much farther along with the Maurice Moss socks. Nope. I’m not sure why these are taking so long to knit. It’s just one of those knitting mysteries. At any rate, here is sock #1 (front).

Sock #1 (back). The second sock (not shown here) looks pretty much the same except the pattern swirls in the opposite direction. I’m about halfway through the gusset on sock #2. EXCITING! Uh, not really.

I’m thinking I may knit a second pair of Freshet socks for August. In my head, August is a lovely light green which I think would suit the Freshet design very well. Perhaps.

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Gah, it’s hot out. So hot that I’m not really motivated to do anything. But, I was motivated just enough to take a photo of my new July socks. These are for Markus and named “Maurice Moss” after the nerdy character from the Britcom The IT Crowd. Markus is also a computer nerd/programmer. He developed Sconcho knitting chart software (which is free BTW so check it out) so I thought the name was fitting. And really, Moss is the funniest character in that show. It’s too bad it only ran for 4 seasons.

This yarn is DARK! So dark that I need some good back lighting in order to see what I’m knitting. The yarn is my favorite Fiber Optic Foot Notes in the colorway Espresso Batik. The stitch pattern is basically just a bit of swirly ribbing flanked with 2×2 ribbing, both front and back. This satisfies my love of ribbed socks without being too boring to knit.

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