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Lovumba remix!

I’m not entirely sure how this happened but I finished my September socks in record time. I have no explanation other than it was aliens.

Pattern: Paraphernalia by Taina Anttila.
Yarn: Fiber Optic Yarns Foot Notes in the colorway Rouge BATIK.
Needles: US 1 – 2.25 mm

I named this project Lovumba Remix after the song by Daddy Yankee. But of course, you say!

I loved knitting these socks. Heck, I may even knit a third pair some day… Stranger things have happened.

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Oh sure, these guys may look sweet and innocent with those big eyes and snaggle tooth, but I tell you, they’re always up to no good. They crash my computer, delete important files, and unplug all my cables. And every chance they get, they steal my iPod and listen to reggaeton. Gee, I wonder where they picked up such a questionable taste in music? Ahem, well don’t look at me…

Pattern: Cecil the Computer Monster by Rebecca Danger from her book The Big Book of Knitted Monsters.
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash (100% superwash wool) in maroon, orange, lime, and Puget Sound.
Needles: US 4 – 3.5 mm
I changed up the striping on the legs and arms. I also decided against plastic safety eyes because I’m giving these monsters away to my friend’s kids. The eyes and teeth are just pieces of felt that I sewed on with thread and a sewing needle. Surprisingly, assembling these monsters was much easier than I thought it would be.

I think I’m all monstered out for now, but I do hope to make some other little creatures from Ms. Danger’s book in the future.

p.s. The title of this post, The Gigo Effect, refers to a musical about computers that I was in during the 4th grade. Best musical EVER! I sang in the chorus and also had one line to recite. My friend was a computer glitch and ran amok on the stage shaking pom-pons. Ahhh, yes… this is the age of computers.

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socks? what socks?

Yes, I realize that my August socks are far from being finished. But I can explain. See, I got sidetracked by two adorable Cecil the Computer Monsters which will be gifts for my friend’s kids. All that’s left to do is stuff them, sew on the appendages, the eyes and the teeth (err, tooth). Then I’ll do a proper photo shoot.

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I give up. I spent 2 weeks furiously charting stitch patterns and dreaming up sock designs only to scrap everything and start the Freshet socks again. sigh

I’m calling my August socks “Freshet: El Regreso”. Here is sock #1 in a lovely sage batik colorway by Fiber Optic. This is the 4th pair of socks I’ve knit this year in Fiber Optic yarn and I can’t say enough lovelies about this stuff.

I never did finish Markus’ July socks. It’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk today so I reckon he won’t be needing wool socks anytime soon.

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Gah, it’s hot out. So hot that I’m not really motivated to do anything. But, I was motivated just enough to take a photo of my new July socks. These are for Markus and named “Maurice Moss” after the nerdy character from the Britcom The IT Crowd. Markus is also a computer nerd/programmer. He developed Sconcho knitting chart software (which is free BTW so check it out) so I thought the name was fitting. And really, Moss is the funniest character in that show. It’s too bad it only ran for 4 seasons.

This yarn is DARK! So dark that I need some good back lighting in order to see what I’m knitting. The yarn is my favorite Fiber Optic Foot Notes in the colorway Espresso Batik. The stitch pattern is basically just a bit of swirly ribbing flanked with 2×2 ribbing, both front and back. This satisfies my love of ribbed socks without being too boring to knit.

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Pattern: Freshet socks (my own design for the month of June)
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in the colorway chocolate night 033 (70% Merino, 20% Cashmere, 10% Nylon)
Needles: US 1 – (2.25mm)
Rating: these turned out pretty good

I would highly recommend this yarn. The cashmere content makes these socks really soft and snuggly, and the yarn knits up very nicely. However, the socks grew a ton with blocking, so I would suggest knitting a gauge swatch. Hmm, yeah, that would have been a good idea…

I finished these socks on the 17th of the month. According to my rules, I can’t start my July socks until… you guessed it, July. I never thought I’d say this but I’m going through sock knitting withdrawal. WHEN WILL IT BE JULY?????

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I’m calling my May socks “Brezel Socken” because the cable is supposed to resemble pretzels, and I LOVE German pretzels. The yarn is STR mediumweight in the colorway saffron jungle that I bought at MDSW 2011. When it comes to working with meduimweight sock yarn, I get a huge mental block because the gauge is much larger than I’m used to for socks. I decided to design a ribbed sock with a pretzel cable which runs down one side of the leg to the toe. Sock #2 has the same cable on the opposite side. I’m trying a gusset construction that I’ve never done before and I’m not sure I’m sold on it, yet…

Today some of my knitting buddies and I went to a brand new coffee shop/bead store in Regent Square called Biddle’s Escape Coffee & Bead Shop at 401 Biddle Ave. It’s a great cafe with a sweet front patio/deck offering lots of seating and shade trees. It’s a perfect cafe for hosting knitting groups. Too bad I’m like on the entire other side of the city from this shop because I’m sure I would go there quite a bit if I lived closer. (Thanks for the ride, Rachel!)

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